The GNU Developpement Chain supports all variants of 68HC11, 68HC12 and 68HCS12 micro-controllers.

There is no dependency on any board. This means you can use the tool chain to develop on any board based on a 68HC11, 68HC12 or 68HCS12.

When you develop for a particular board, you must write a memory.x file which describes the memory (RAM and ROM) of the board.

If your board has particular external IOs, you may have to write the support to access and control your specific devices. This can be done in C quite easily.

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creating a memory.x file for the technologicalarts Adapt9s12 board based on HCS12
15-Jun-2004 13:31
I am trying to work with my TechnologicalArts Adapt9s12e128 board that is based on the Motorola HCS12 family. So far, I have the gnu m68hc1x applications installed (as well as gel) and working. Now, I believe that I must write a memory.x file for this board. I guess this entails finding out the addresses for text, data, and stack. Any pointers?
Lastly, on this page there is mention that IO routines may need to be programmed. Any ideas on finding out if this is necessary and, if so, where to find more information?

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
01-Aug-2004 22:55
You may have to look at the tutorial on the following page:

It explains how to start and what is the content of memory.x.