Build the examples

The examples are ported on several boards. You can select the board on the command line with make or by changing the board.def file.

The following boards are supported:

m68hc11-32k 68HC11 generic board with 32K ram and 32K rom

Data 0x1040..0x7fff
Stack 0x7fff
Text 0x8000..0xffff

Prefer this board if you want to use the simulator.

m68hc11-cme11 Axiom Manufacturing CME11 board with Buffalo monitor

Data 0x1040..0x1fff
Stack 0x1fff
Text 0x2000..0x7fff

bootstrap 68HC11 bootstrap mode

Data 0
Stack 0x0ff
Text 0x00..0x0ff

eeprom-512 68HC11 512 eeprom mode

Data 0
Stack 0x0ff
Text 0xB600..0xB7FF


68HC11 board with 8K ram (SCz board)

Data 0xE000..0xE1ff
Stack 0x0ff
Text 0xE200..0xFfff


MIT 6.270 68HC11 board

Data 0xE000..0xE1ff
Stack 0xFFBF
Text 0x8000..0xDfff

m68hc12-axcmd12 Axiom Manufacturing CMD12 board with DBug monitor

Data 0x2000..0x2fff
Stack 0x3000
Text 0x3000..0x8000

The board is configured either by specifying it to the command line or by updating the file config/board.def. For the first method, type the following command:

	make TARGET_BOARD=board-name

where board-name is the name of the board picked from the table above.

Otherwise, in config/board.def change the line:

to put the board you selected.

Before launching make you should make sure the GNU Binutils and Gcc executables are in your path. Then, proceed with the following commands:

	  make TARGET_BOARD=board-name

This will build the examples in all the sub-directories.

To execute the program, .... you have some choice:

Simulator m6811-elf-run <prog>.elf
m6811-elf-run -v <prog>.elf
Gdb Sim
	m6811-elf-gdb <prog>.elf
		(gdb) target sim
		(gdb) load <prog>.elf
		(gdb) run
Gdb Buffalo
  	m6811-elf-gdb <prog>.elf
  (CME11)	(gdb) set remotebaud 9600
		(gdb) target buffalo /dev/ttyS2
		(gdb) load <prog>.elf
		(gdb) run
Gdb Dbug
	m6811-elf-gdb <prog>.elf
  (CMD12)	(gdb) set remotebaud 9600
		(gdb) target dbug /dev/ttyS2
		(gdb) load <prog>.elf
		(gdb) run
Bootstrap Upload the program (either <prog>.elf, or <prog>.s19) with your favorite target manager.
Prom Burn the <prog>.b in some prom.