Hello World Tutorial for 68HC11 bootstrap mode

This example is a simple hello program that prints "Hello World!" on the 68HC11 serial line. It is self contained by the fact that it does not use any include, Makefile or configuration file of GEL.

To compile this program, you can use the following command:

m6811-elf-gcc -g -Os -mshort -Wl,-m,m68hc11elfb -o hello.elf hello.c

This will produce the `hello.elf' file. This file in a binary file in the ELF/DWARF-2 standard format. It contains the 68HC11 binary code, the symbols and the debugging information suitable for gdb. To obtain the S19 file corresponding to the program, you can use the following command:

m6811-elf-objcopy --only-section=.text --only-section=.rodata \ --only-section=.vectors --only-section=.data \ --output-target=srec hello.elf hello.s19

and this will produce `hello.s19' file in Motorola S19 format.

To run or test this program, you can use the simulator or gdb:

m6811-elf-run hello.elf


m6811-elf-gdb hello.elf (gdb) target sim (gdb) load (gdb) run

From the debugger you can execute step by step the program if you do the following:

(gdb) target sim (gdb) load (gdb) b main Breakpoint 1 at 0x6e: file hello.c, line 166. (gdb) run ... (gdb) next ...

Source file: hello.c