It is suggested to start with a simple example. The GNU Development Chain comes alone and does not have any example packaged with it.

However, you can get the GNU Embedded Libraries which contain a number of utility libraries and several examples. GEL is available at:

You can also compile this small program, which does nothing useful (just to show out the procedure):

unsigned short fact(unsigned short a)
  if (a)
    return a * fact (a - 1);
    return 1;
int main()
  return fact (5) - fact (4);

You must compile it with the following command:

  m6811-elf-gcc -o prog.elf prog.c -mshort -g -Os

And you can execute or debug it with the GNU Debugger as follows:

  m6811-elf-gdb prog.elf
  (gdb) target sim
  (gdb) load
  (gdb) b main
  (gdb) run
  (gdb) step