The GNU development chain for 68HC11 and 68HC12 has reached a very stable state. An intensive validation is the guarant of the stability and correctness of code generation.

However, as with any software, you may encouter a problem (although this should be very rare). If you think you've found a problem, please log a bug in the GNATS database. It helps maintainers keep track of problems and fix them as soon as they can.

When you log a bug in the GNATS database, it is important to give enough information so that the problem can be identified and reproduced. In general an example that shows the problem helps.

Please, also make sure you clearly indicate the target that is either m6811-elf or m6812-elf.

The 68HC11/68HC12 bugs database is now located in the Savannah global project:

GNU Development Chain for 68HC11/68HC12 - Bugs