You will find here the sources of the development chain as well as all HTML files of this site. Sources are available in the form of patchs that must be applied to several FSF source distributions.

1. Sources for 68HC11/68HC12 GNU Releases

The Package files (.tar.gz) below include:

  • Snapshots of patches for GCC, Binutils, GDB and Newlib
  • The builder files and scripts that can be used to build the binaries on Linux and Windows.
Note: Source packages created before September 2003, also contain all HTML files of the site (php files translated in HTML). This is and will no longer be the case. These old packages also don't provide the builder files and scripts.

You must get the package file as well as the corresponding FSF source distributions.

To extract the files of the package, type the following commands:

	gzip -d package.tar.gz
	tar xf package.tar
where package.tar.gz is the name of the file you downloaded.

After extraction of the package, follow the instructions given in the Install Sources section.

1.1. Stable Releases

Component Snapshot Package File FSF Files
Release 3.1 20060218 m68hc1x-builder-3.1.tar.gz (419 Kb)
Release 3.0.1 20050515 m68hc1x-builder-3.0.1.tar.gz (387 Kb)
Release 3.0 20050130 m68hc1x-builder-3.0.tar.gz (391 Kb)
Release 2.2 20030501 gcc-m68hc1x-20030501.tar.gz (2214 Kb)
Release 2.1.1 20030104 gcc-m68hc1x-20030104.tar.gz (2123 Kb)
Release 2.1 20021117 gcc-m68hc1x-20021117.tar.gz (2063 Kb)
Release 2.0 20020922 gcc-m68hc1x-20020922.tar.gz (2043 Kb)
Other releases Releases 1.0, 1.1, and 1.1.1 can be downloaded from the anonymous ftp site at

1.2. Development Releases

Component Snapshot Package File FSF Files
Pre-Release 2.92 20040829 m68hc1x-builder-2.92.tar.gz (503 Kb)
Pre-Release 2.91 20040302 m68hc1x-builder-2.91.tar.gz (392 Kb)
Alpha Release 2.90 20031004 m68hc1x-builder-2.90.tar.gz (476 Kb)
Alpha Release 2.1.9b 20030312 gcc-m68hc1x-20030312.tar.gz
Alpha Release 2.1.9a 20030216 gcc-m68hc1x-20030216.tar.gz (2374 Kb)