If you want to contribute to the port, either in GCC, GDB, Binutils or anything else, please follow the contribution guidelines defined by the FSF. In short:

  • Get from your employer some signed disclaimer
  • Yourself, do sign some disclaimer letter
  • Send all this to the FSF and wait for the FSF acknowledgment
  • All contributions must conform to the GNU Coding Standards.

For information, my past employer, Sun Microsystems, and my new employer, Solsoft, have signed the Employer disclaimer of rights. I have signed 4 assign.future letters, one for GCC, one for GDB, one for the Binutils and one for DejaGNU. Richard Stallman signed back these letters, so that I'm not officially registered.

If you have a fix, a patch or some enhancement, do not hesitate to post it in the patch database:

GNU Development Chain for 68HC11/68HC12 - Patches