The GNU Development Chain is now integrated completely in the FSF sources. Several patchs (fixes and improvements) are not yet integrated. This page gives the status of these patches.

1. Patchs waiting for approval

1.1 GNU Binutils

Date Description Status
Mar 19, 2000 patch for gas to accept mri single quote strings Sent

1.2 GCC

Date Description Status
Feb, 2001 [RFA]: Fix pb in find_reloads_subreg_address() Sent
Jun 12, 2001 [RFA]: Fix pb in merge_assigned_reloads Sent

1.3 GDB


1.4 Newlib

Date Description Status
Jul 16, 2002 [PATCH]: Newlib port for 68hc11/68hc12 Integrated
Jul 16, 2002 [PATCH]: libgloss port for 68hc11/68hc12 Integrated

1.5 DejaGNU


2. Patches to submit

Here is a quick list of patches that must be sent.

2.1 Binutils

  • Linker script preprocessing (through cpp or m4).
  • Linker relaxation for 68HC11.

2.2 GCC

  • Fixes in reload pass
  • Fixes in libgcc2.c
  • Fixes in loop.c
  • Fixes in longlong.h
  • Fixes in expmed.c
  • Various fixes for the testsuite

2.3 GDB


2.4 Newlib


2.5 DejaGNU